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Our Process

Full Building Analysis

Mid-American Energy Solutions engineers will assess your facility, looking for areas to improve operations and lower energy costs. Once complete, a full analysis will be conducted to demonstrate areas of opportunity in your facility’s energy profile and ways to improve.

How will this work? 

  • Schedule the consultation and audit.
    We will coordinate with you the best time for a representative to come and meet with you at your facility.
  • Upload your past utility bills.
    We will use energystar.gov to assist in modeling your facility based on utility history.
  • Our team will conduct the audit.
    Our main focus will be your building envelope, HVAC, and lighting systems. As needed we will also further investigate other high energy use areas for your facility.
warehouse with lighting

What happens next?

We Will Save You Money

Our team will present you a proposal to lower your energy demand, increase your building efficiency and ultimately provide you custom cost-effective solutions that make sense for your business.

Research & Analysis

The first step to saving energy at your building is to benchmark —we will measure and compare your building’s energy to similar buildings, past consumption, and/or a reference performance level. Benchmarking is a great tool that turns the information on your utility bill into knowledge you can act on.

Roadmap planning

We will take our benchmarked information and perform a full building energy audit tailored to your building profile. This will quickly show us the most cost-effective solutions for you!

Our custom proposal will demonstrate where the most significant improvements can be made.

Execute & Monitor

Once you have selected the energy efficiency measures that work for you from our proposal we will work closely with you to execute and finalize these measures. No need to do leg work to find contractors to upgrade your lighting. We have good repour with many contactors and will set this up for you!

Mid-American Energy Solutions installation was clean, efficient, and extremely convenient as work was completed around our schedule…We look forward to working with them again in our other locations.

John Serafin
Vice President, Provider Plus


Every day that you don’t do an energy audit is more money lost.