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Energy Audits

Almost half of the energy use in the United States is due to commercial and industrial sectors. Use our energy building audits to determine the most cost-effective means of reducing your energy use. 

There are likely many measures that can be quickly identified, and solutions proposed to
save you money.

We will conduct a free consultation for you!

179D Tax Rebates

Are you planning on, currently working on, or completed an energy savings project? This can potentially include lighting, HVAC, and building envelope projects. Due to the energy policy act of 2005 (extended and amended to December 2020) you are able to deduct an additional $0.60 sq/ft up to the cost of the project on your taxes. This is a potential $1.80 sq/ft,if you performed all three types those of projects! (100k sq/ft building * $1.80 is a potential $180,000 additional tax deduction!